Tragic Fire Engulfs Cobb County Home, Investigation Underway

Investigators are looking into a fire that took place in Cobb County and destroyed a house.

According to officials from the Cobb County Fire Department, personnel received reports of a fire at a residence located on Dawson Drive close to Powder Springs early on Sunday morning.

Crews arrived on the scene and saw a significant fire emanating from the garage as well as the front of the house.

Crews are investigating a fire that destroyed a Cobb County home:

The homeowners claim that when they opened the entrance to the garage after being awoken by their smoke alarm, they discovered that there was significant smoke and flames pouring from within the garage.

The two residents were able to get out of the house without suffering any injuries.

Authorities have confirmed that the dog that belonged to the family did not escape the fire.

The house is considered completely destroyed.

Read some of the latest news below:

In addition, the authorities observed that the fire was more difficult to put out as a result of the dangerously low temperatures, as the water that the firefighters were using immediately began to freeze.

Crews from the Cobb Department of Transportation are currently on their way to the location of the residence in order to put sand across the street.

Currently, the inquiry on what caused the fire is still ongoing.

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