Police Say An Off-Duty HPD Officer Is In Critical Condition After A Train Crash In North Houston

A second officer at the scene on Wednesday morning confirmed the officer’s condition. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK)— After his vehicle accident, A police officer from Houston is in critical condition existed struck by an approaching train in north Houston.

According to HPD Chief Troy Finner, Vidal Lopez, a 42-year-old police officer, has been identified as the hurt officer who worked for the agency for less than 20 years.
It happened just before seven, at Bennington Street and Fulton Street, 6700. The police department tweeted that the at-the-time-off-duty officer was headed to work.

A different officer at the scene relayed information that Lopez attempted to go around the railroad arms to escape the train but was struck.

He appears to have had a heart attack and is currently in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

The injured officer’s car was seen in a scene photo lying on its side.
Outside the hospital, Finner stated that he needed more information about the investigation and could not add to what had already been saying.

Lopez allegedly crossed the tracks at one point, according to Finner.

The chief asked the reporters in the Texas Medical Center to pray for Lopez and mentioned that Lopez was married and expecting a child.

Lopez was transported by ambulance to the hospital.
Finner was also unable to say how severe Lopez’s wounds were, but he did say that Lopez underwent surgery, that numerous tests are being performed on him, and that he is in critical condition.

The news has reached his family.

Lopez is tasked with overseeing the department’s technology services.

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