Central Texas Boy Raising Funds To Lay Wreaths At Veteran Graves

An eleven-year-old boy from Cedar Park is making one wreath at a time to honour those who have served, during this season of giving.

Remember Machamer has been raising money to sponsor wreaths for veterans’ graves at Texas State Cemetery for the past four years. He hopes to assist in placing wreaths at 3,300 graves this December.

The first time he learned of attempts to place wreaths on the graves of every American veteran was when he went to a Daughters of the American Revolution gathering with his mother. He claimed he learned about the 300 graves at the Texas State Cemetery that were left without a wreath at that meeting.

Less than 300 wreaths remain to be sponsored through the Texas State Cemetery campaign before the donation deadline on Tuesday. So far, more than 3,000 wreaths have been sponsored through the campaign.

Machamer and his family spend numerous hours per week soliciting money every November. He claimed that although the task is demanding, it is rewarding for families to discover that their loved ones would get a memorial wreath.

He stated, “I hope people will understand that it’s not about me and that it’s about the veterans. It’s worth it for the veteran.” They have put their lives in danger to serve and defend our nation.

In addition to donating, he said anyone who wanted to support Wreaths Across America may participate in upcoming wreath donation drives or assist with cleanup activities. There will be a dedication ceremony on December 17 at 11 a.m. if all 3,300 veteran wreaths at Texas State Cemetery get sponsorship.

He declared, “I think all soldiers must be acknowledged. No matter how insignificant their goal may have been, they should all be remembered.

Visit the Wreaths Across America website to find out more about Machamer’s campaign and to find out how to donate.

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