Mother Suing City of Houston, HPD After Son Dies during Police Chase

After Chaz Joubert was murdered in a crash involving police who were chasing a suspect, his family filed suit.

After her son was killed during a police chase, a mother filed a $33 million lawsuit against the City of Houston, the Houston Police Department, and a suspect. “Every day I cry. Simply said, it still shocks. Despite four months, it still comes as a shock “explained April Joubert.

She is the mother of Chaz Joubert, a man murdered in a crash that resulted from a police chase. Police claim that on June 13, they attempted to pull over a black Ford Mustang for a traffic violation. Yasmir Reyes, the suspect, is said to have driven off while being followed by police. According to allegations, Reyes ran a red light and struck Chaz Joubert’s white Chevy Malibu. At the scene, Joubert was pronounced deceased.

“I just want someone to accept responsibility for our loss of Chaz. Nothing, I mean nothing, can bring him back “stated April Joubert. The City of Houston, HPD, and Reyes are being sued by her family.

On Friday, The Bonner Law Firm complained. The Joubert family’s attorney, Victor Bonner, said that the police chase wasn’t required. When it comes to these chases, Bonner stated, “I would prefer for the cops to be more cautious and conscientious because the final consequence might be devastating.”

The city of Houston issued the following statement: “The City of Houston does not comment on lawsuits and ongoing litigation, but the City will respond to allegations raised during the process of appearing in a court of law and before a presiding judge as this case proceeds through the legal system.”

Joubert’s family is trying hard to handle the aftermath.

The medical examiner’s office called Andrea Joubert to inform her that her nephew had passed away. “It feels like it’ll never get better. I mean you can’t tell a person how long to grieve,” she said. “It’s just not right, you know. He got caught in something he had nothing to do with,” April Joubert stated.

Aggravated assault and murder are Reyes’ charges. He is imprisoned with a $200,000 bond. In November, he will be in court once more.

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