Orange County Animal Shelters Adapt Rules to Boost Pet Adoptions

Orange County Animal Care has modified its COVID-era adoption policies in an effort to attract more individuals to adopt pets.

The new measures aim to make simpler the adoption process and provide potential owners more choice.

Orange County Animal Care has scaled back its COVID-era rules, hoping it will boost pet adoptions:

No Appointments Needed at Orange County Shelter

During the pandemic, strict regulations required interested adopters to schedule appointments and follow visiting hours. While this strategy resulted in successful adoptions, other pet owners found it to be restricting.

In response, Orange County Animal Care has implemented a 7-day program at the Tustin shelter that allows prospective pet owners to tour kennel areas without an appointment.

This modification attempts to make the adoption process more accessible and less restrictive.

Old Appointment System Reduced Stress for Pets

According to spokesperson Alexa Pratt, the former appointment system was created to alleviate animal stress, which resulted in successful adoptions.

However, with the new initiative, animal advocates such as Mona Ueda and Elly Kyle emphasize the value of personal interaction.

They believe that meeting pets in person helps them better grasp the animal’s personality and appropriateness for adoption.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Tustin Center Opens Doors for Unrestricted Pet Viewing

The move to open browsing without appointments is expected to provide potential pet owners with a more immersive experience.

Mona Ueda emphasizes the importance of meeting with numerous dogs in a day, which allows people to select the best fit for their family.

The kennels at the Tustin center are now open daily from 2 to 5 p.m., providing more possibilities for people looking to add a furry buddy to their family.

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