Family Pet Falls Victim to Coyote Attack in Oldham County

In Oldham County, a family lost their beloved pet in a scary event. A 15-pound dog named Cheeto was attacked by coyotes on a Sunday evening in a neighborhood in Prospect.

The dog’s owner, Laura Bailey, heard coyotes howling in the woods nearby, something not unusual in that area. Even though she often heard them, she never knew how close they were or saw them in her backyard before.

Cheeto was in the backyard, enclosed by a five-foot high fence. Suddenly, Bailey heard Cheeto make painful sounds, and she sensed something awful had happened.

Sadly, her feelings were right. One or more coyotes had jumped the fence and taken Cheeto away into the darkness.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Family and friends searched the woods behind Bailey’s home and found Cheeto’s bloody sweater and then his body. Bailey was deeply upset, sharing that only part of Cheeto’s body remained.

She wants other pet owners to know that even a fence might not keep their pets safe from wild animals like coyotes.

The Humane Society of Oldham County mentioned that coyotes are moving into residential areas more due to construction.

They’ve heard of several similar attacks recently. Unfortunately, it was too late for Cheeto. His family laid him to rest near his favorite spot in the backyard.

Bailey and her family now focus on their other dog, Chicklet, but Cheeto will always hold a special place in their hearts.

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