Jasper County Judge Behind Bars Twice in 48 Hours

The Jasper County Jail has been visited by Justice Court Judge Sullivan Dukes Jr. during the course of the past two days. However, Dukes has found himself incarcerated during the course of these recent events.

Dukes, who is 72 years old, was initially taken into custody on Tuesday in response to a court order that, according to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, was connected to an accusation of domestic violence or simple assault.

Dukes was hauled into custody on Wednesday for disobeying a court order that prohibited him from having any contact with his wife. Previous to this, he had been released the same day for the misdemeanor.

According to the online jail records that can be seen on the website of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, Dukes was processed additional times before being released once more on the same day that he was arrested.

Despite the fact that he lives in Paulding, Dukes continues to hold the position of District 1 Justice Court Judge for Jasper County.

He did not run for re-election, and he will step down from his position when his current term comes to an end.

Jasper County Justice Court judge arrested twice in the past 2 days:

In addition to the following duties, a judge on the Justice Court can also be responsible for the following:

  • Fish and Wildlife citations
  • Appeals from Justice (and Municipal) Court.
  • Civil actions under $2,500
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felony preliminaries
  • Marriage ceremonies
  • Highway Patrol citations

The Justice Court of Jasper County has the authority to hear and decide any cases involving the recovery of debts or damages, as well as cases involving personal property valued at up to $2,500.

Affidavits are submitted to the Justice Court by clients in order to reclaim property, settle debts, or seek relief from disputes brought about by family concerns, issues affecting neighbors, and other issues.

In addition, the Justice Court is responsible for the collection of fines that are the consequence of citations issued by officers of the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Fish and Wildlife Department.

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In the event that citizens object to such citations, it defends their rights. In addition, it is responsible for the administration of marriage ceremonies and the holding of court to settle criminal offenses that occur outside of the municipalities but inside the county.

This department is responsible for issuing process papers, subpoenas, and warrants that require an appearance in court on a particular day.

In addition to receiving funds as a consequence of periodic vehicle inspection checkpoints, the Justice Court works in conjunction with the Public Service Commissioner.

The Justice Court clerk, also known as the court administrator, along with twelve deputy clerks, a bailiff, and four judges make up the officers of the court institution.

Constables, who are elected officials, are the individuals who are responsible for serving process papers, subpoenas, and warrants.

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