NYC Murders Up in November Despite Crime Drop

The Big Apple had more homicides last month than in November 2021, even though gunshots were down and gun arrests were up. November had 30 city killings, up from 25 in 2021.

Thefts Increased By 9.4%

Felony assaults increased by 3% from 1,957 to 2,016; robberies increased by 3.6% from 1,439 to 1,491; and auto thefts increased by 9.4% from 1034 to 1,131.

Three additional big categories dropped: rapes plummeted 14%, burglaries dropped 6%, and grand larceny dropped 5.5%, from 4,430 to 4,187. The seven top crimes dropped 1.2% in November.

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A law-enforcement source told The Post on Sunday that the NYPD is doing all it can to combat crime in New York City.

Increased gun arrests and fewer shootings are not coincidences.

What happens to shooters?

“There needs to be responsibility; the rest of the criminal justice system has to do its job.”

The contentious 2019 state criminal justice reforms restrict judges from setting bond in minor and non-violent felony cases. City leaders have long sought adjustments.

“We’re waging a multi-front battle that includes the shooters, the thieves, and the recidivists.” Another insider indicated the final group is the most dangerous.

The city is “laser-focused” on crime, Mayor Eric Adams said Sunday. “Thanks to the NYPD’s efforts, significant crimes were down in November, and shootings continue to experience double-digit decreases,” Adams added.

“Until every New Yorker is safe, there will always be work left to do,” the mayor added. “We will always strive to safeguard city residents.”

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In another statement, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said, “As we come to the end of this year, our department is making real, visible progress toward our public safety goals.”

Thanks to our committed police and civilians.

“The women and men of the NYPD have continued to decrease shootings, remove illegal firearms from our streets, boost arrests to provide justice for crime victims, and enhance police-community connections in every New York City neighbourhood,” Sewell added.

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