No Injuries As Essex House Succumbs To Fire, Investigation Underway

A fire that broke out early on Saturday morning forced an Essex family to leave their house. Just after 7 a.m., Essex Fire & Rescue arrived on the scene on Route 15.

According to officials, the two kids notified their mother when they heard the smoke alarm go off and left the house right away.

Deputy Fire Chief for Essex Fire & Rescue, Phil Noyes, said, “When we arrived on scene, we had a fully involved barge into the house. We struck a second alarm immediately, then a third alarm upon arrival, which brought in five area departments.”

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The fire did not cause any injuries or deaths. Fire marshals are still looking into what caused it.

According to firefighters, this is just one more illustration of how crucial it is to check that your smoke detectors are operational and that their batteries are changed on a regular basis.

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