New Jersey Issues Warning: Numbers Not to Answer

Today, when our phones ring, we see who’s calling. If it’s someone we know, their name pops up, and we decide if we want to talk or not. But when strange numbers show up, many of us ignore them.

But sometimes, we might get curious and call back these unknown numbers. That’s where it can get tricky. There’s a scam where scammers make you call them back by letting your phone ring just once. If you call, they can charge you extra money on your phone bill.

Some people want to make these tricky calls illegal. So, it’s smart to be careful and not fall for these tricks. Only answer calls from numbers you know. If it’s important, they’ll leave a message.

New Jersey Don’t Answer Calls From These Numbers:

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Here’s a list of area codes linked to this scam.

Domestic Area Codes Known To Have One-Ring Scammers

  • 216: Cleveland Ohio
  • 218: Northern Minnesota
  • 332: New York City
  • 347: New York City
  • 469: Dallas, Texas
  • 646: New York City
  • 657: La Palma, California
  • 712: Western Iowa

International Area Codes To Avoid

  • 232: Sierra Leone
  • 268: Antigua and Barbuda
  • 284: British Virgin Islands
  • 473: Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique
  • 649: Turks and Caicos Islands
  • 664: Montserrat
  • 767: Commonwealth of Dominica
  • 809, 829, 849: Dominican Republic
  • 876: Jamaica
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