New Jersey Family’s Tragic Night: Grandparents, Brother Injured in House Fire

A couple married for 50 years got hurt in a fire in New Jersey. Their grandson tried to save them and got hurt too. Their family is really upset—it’s been a tough year. They lost their mom and uncle not long ago.

The fire started with a wood stove and firefighters came quickly. The grandson tried stopping the fire but had to help his grandpa escape the flames. Their grandma fell and got rescued later.

New Jersey family shaken up after house fire injures grandparents, brother:

The couple got taken to the hospital by helicopter, and their grandson went in an ambulance. They all got hurt badly. The house is likely ruined.

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The family’s sad about the Christmas presents they lost in the fire, but they’re just hoping everyone gets better for the holidays.

The grandpa has 30% burns, grandma has 15%, and they’re in critical condition. But the sisters say their brother’s fast actions probably saved them.

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