Kissimmee Police Arrested Suspect In Christmas Day Hookah Bar Homicide!

A 26-year-old man was arrested in connection with a deadly Christmas shooting at a hookah lounge near Kissimmee, Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez announced during a Thursday news conference.

On December 25, just after 4:45 a.m., authorities were alerted to the shooting at the Lungo Café, which was located on Vineland Road close to North Poinciana Boulevard.

According to Lopez, Gabriel Alberto Correa got into a fight with a staff member and then fired shots toward the front of the pub before taking off.

“The guy leaves and started shooting at the business,” he said. “He actually shot at the business.”

Kissimmee Police Arrested Suspect In Christmas Day Hookah Bar Homicide!

Lopez added that although the reason 911 was not contacted right away is unknown, it could have been because of the loudness of the music playing in the lounge.

According to Lopez, Terrell Williams was standing by his car door when the Correa returned to the parking lot and fired one shot at him.

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He claimed that after Williams rushed back to the store to get assistance, he passed away. According to Lopez, Correa then left the area a second time.

He claimed that Correa’s identity was established by the police using the shooting’s CCTV footage and additional evidence found at the scene.

Lopez claimed Correa confessed to authorities that he was involved in the shooting after being taken into custody in Polk County. He added that after receiving a poster about the shooting, he had a meeting with an attorney.

Correa was charged with murder when he was brought into the Osceola County Jail. Diane Batista described herself as one of Williams’ closest friends.

“He was such a good person. He didn’t deserve to go out like that,” she said. “He took a piece of me with him.”

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