Manhunt For Suspect Accused of Killing Elderly Woman In Scott County

An investigation into the death of an elderly woman in Scott County is still ongoing, and a manhunt is being conducted for him.

John “Scotty” Samuel Patrick was last spotted heading in the direction of the border between Mississippi and Louisiana. Various state and federal agencies are conducting a hunt for Patrick. According to them, he is very dangerous and armed.

Patrick allegedly sexually assaulted and killed Dee Eady, who was 78 years old, at her house in Forest on Saturday, December 30. Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee provided this information. It is alleged that Patrick set fire to Eady’s body.

Manhunt For Suspect Accused Of Killing Elderly Woman In Scott County

“We know that he went inside, that she appeared to be physically assaulted, and then we know that she was outside and was shot. And then I assume and only assuming that she was burned to try to cover his tracks,” said Lee.

According to the investigators, Patrick committed a robbery at a Subway restaurant in Woodville, Mississippi, on January 1, close to three o’clock in the afternoon. There is a distance of more than 170 miles between Woodville and Scott County.

“He ordered a meatball sandwich, and it was time to pay for the sandwich. That’s when he took out two handguns and demanded money and the keys to the clerk’s vehicle. She did cooperate by giving him the money and the sandwich, but she refused to give him her car keys,” said Woodville Police Chief Lemuel Rutledge.

The last time anyone saw Patrick, he was driving north en route to the Natchez area. Investigators speculated that he would be traveling to Louisiana.

“He went from no history of violence to now a capital murder case here and an armed robbery in Woodville. And so, there’s no telling what he is capable of,” said Lee.

Additionally, Patrick is wanted for various auto burglaries that have occurred in the counties of Scott and Newton.

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