Julie Vega Cause of Death: A Look Back At The Iconic Star Life And Career!

After 30 years, the late teen star Julie Vega’s mother has put a stop to the urban tale that her daughter passed away while filming a movie in San Miguel, Bulacan, as a result of being haunted by evil spirits.

“Nag-taping sila at nahimatay daw s’ya kaya dinala sya sa Capitol Medical Center. Parang napagod lang daw. Ni-release s’ya ng doktor at hindi naman sya na-confine,” said Perla Postigo, mother of the teen star, during an exclusive interview in the award-winning magazine program “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” aired over GMA-7.

According to reports, Vega (Julie Pearl Postigo in real life) became ill after finishing the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Lovingly Yours, Helen (The Movie).” Her family assumed that she was simply stressed out as a result of juggling show business and school.

The 16-year-old celebrity starred alongside Coney Reyes in the horror-drama episode “Akin Ang Walang Diyos” of the four-part anthology of the film as Idda, a character afflicted by evil spirits. It was Vega’s final film.

The situation with Vega deteriorated until she was confined. “Hindi pa sya dumadaing nun, dinala na namin sya kasi nakikita namin naduduling na ‘yung mata n’ya,” continued Postigo, who is currently residing in Iligan City.

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Julie Vega Cause of Death

Vega passed away from cardiac arrest on May 6, 1985, when her career was at its height. Fans in tears and fellow actors from the entertainment industry turned out for her funeral. Mrs. Postigo said that her daughter passed away from demyelinating sickness, not supernatural forces, three decades after she was born.

The protective sheath (myelin sheath) that protects the nerve fibers in your brain and spinal cord is damaged by demyelinating illness, according to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA. Nerve impulses slow or even cease when the myelin sheath is compromised, leading to neurological issues.

“Kung ang motor nerves ang naapektuhan, napaparalyze sila. Pero kung naaapektuhan din ang sensor nerves, magkakaroon din sila ng impairment sa kanilang sensation,” said Dr. Alejandro Budias, neurologist. According to experts, Vega eventually developed bronchial pneumonia because her immune system weakened.

A Supernatural Perspective on Vega Tragedy

Many individuals, particularly movie lovers, held the concept that Vega was possessed by evil spirits, which was in direct conflict with the physicians’ findings. Where the episode was filmed, Mount Manalmon in San Miguel, Bulacan, the locals said Vega was haunted by evil spirits.

“Naniniwala kami na pinaglaruan talaga sya ng mga duwende run. May nakakakita kasi ng mga duwende sa lugar namin. Maaaring sumama sila sa kanya at nakipaglaro rin sila,” said Consolacion Donseras, resident of Mt. Manalmon, who added that the forested area was really mystical. “Ayon sa sabi-sabi, nakursunadahan sya ng mga engkantong naninirahan duon kaya kinuha yung katawang-tao nya,” alleged a different male neighbor.

Julie Vega Cause Of Death

“Yung role n’ya parang kay Linda Blair sa ‘The Exorcist.’ Kataka-taka naman yung isang tulad ni Julie Vega na after doing that film, biglang bumagsak ‘yung katawan n’ya. Naging bedridden sya at na-coma pa. Tapos nanlabo yung paningin. Bakit biglaan yung ganun?” according to Peter Ledesma, entertainment writer.

Some people think that the Postigos’ ill fortune began when they purchased a home in Quezon City. After Vega was repeatedly admitted to the various hospitals, they suffered financial hardships. After Vega had been eventually laid to rest at Marikina City’s Loyola Memorial Park for a few hours, it was reported that her bedroom turntable had unexpectedly started playing her phenomenal debut single, “Somewhere In My Past,” which was certified gold.

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Julie Vega Hollywood Career

The youngest of Vega’s six siblings, Imelda Papin, and her husband, producer Bong Carreon, first heard her sing. “Nakatulong ng malaki ang anak ko sa amin kahit bata pa. Syempre masakit sa amin yung mag-asawa lalo na nung namatay sya na andyan kami nakatingin sa kanya. Pero hindi namin sya pinabayaan,” Vega’s mother said.

Mrs. Postigo had always assumed that her daughter was close by, ready to assist her family with their issues. “I just imagine na andyan lang sya. Lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay namin kasama namin sya,” she said.

Vega also referred to as the Original Soap Opera Princess was founded in 1975 by Lamberto Avellana. The 1978 movie “Mga Mata ni Angelita” was Vega’s big break. Later, she became famous thanks to the soap opera “Anna Liza,” which competed with Janice De Belen’s “Flor De Luna” on television.

Vega and De Belen were great friends despite the fact that they were rivals in the early 1980s. In reality, De Belen said, “There can never be me if Julie accepted the role as Flor De Luna.” According to rumors, “Flor De Luna” was initially offered to Vega, but she had to decline it due to her hectic schedule.

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