What Happened to Stephan Bonnar; His Cause of Death

Anti-vaccination advocates quickly blamed the COVID-19 vaccine’s sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) for Stephan Bonnar’s untimely death at work!

Stephan Bonnar was not killed by vaccine SADS!

Anti-vaccination extremists blame all athlete fatalities and illnesses on COVID-19.

Here’s why this is more anti-vaccination propaganda:

Stephan Bonnar died as a result of heart disease.

The American psycho, Stephan Patrick Bonnar (born April 4, 1977), was a mixed martial arts fighter. July 6, 2013, was his UFC Hall of Fame induction.

Stephan Bonnar dead at 45: UFC news, fighters react, how did he die,  fights, Dana White

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Stephan Bonnar died from “presumed cardiac issues while at work” on Thursday, December 22, 2022, according to UFC.

Stephan Bonnar’s SADS and COVID-19 vaccination adverse effects were never addressed.
Stephan Bonnar used steroids and opioids.

Stephan Bonnar used steroids and opioids. He tested positive for Drostanolone in November 2012. His 2006 positive test for Boldenone was his second.

After Stephan Bonnar’s death, UFC middleweight Sean Strickland criticised those who attempted to cover up his drug addiction.

My Stephan Bonnar was insane. He was hooked on opioids, was jailed, was booted out of the hospital because they wouldn’t give him opioids, and his gym closed during COVID-19.

The use of steroids and narcotics increases the risk of heart disease. Long-term painkiller and anabolic steroid usage may induce heart issues such as arrhythmia, heart failure, and cardiac arrest.

Stephan Bonnar probably had cardiac difficulties. resulting from his long-term use of steroids and/or painkillers, several of his peers were not surprised when he died from cardiac issues.

Stephan Bonnar Is Against Vaccines

It’s funny to witness anti-vaccination advocates shame one another. Stephan Bonnar opposed immunisation, like Aaron Carter and Kirstie Alley.

In September 2021, Bonnar put out a series of selfie videos, which have since been taken down, in which he said he couldn’t get medical help because he wasn’t vaccinated against COVID-19.

Stephan Bonnar was not vaccinated

As far as I know, Stephan Bonnar was never vaccinated against COVID-19. In September 2021, he openly opposed COVID-19 vaccinations.

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar Dies at 45 - Sports Illustrated

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Anti-vaccination advocates are wrong—the COVID-19 vaccine is not required in the US.
No COVID-19 vaccination caused the fatality.

Injured Athletes’ COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Are False

This is yet another case of anti-vaccination activists exploiting athlete deaths and injuries to spread FAKE NEWS about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.

All COVID-19 vaccine-related athlete fatalities and injuries have been fraudulent.

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