Innocent Driver Killed In Northwest Harris County During Police Pursuit!

According to authorities, an innocent driver was killed on Friday in northwest Harris County when a suspect driving a stolen truck and evading law enforcement struck another car.

According to Tommy Diaz, Assistant Chief of Law Enforcement Command with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the events that led to the crash started around 2:54 p.m. today when officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety located a vehicle that was reported stolen out of San Antonio.

DPS made contact with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and asked for marked units to help. The car was found by the marked units close to the Grand Parkway and Highway 290 interchange.

The car, which deputies claimed to be a white Ford F-250, was attempted to be stopped. They claimed that once the car wouldn’t stop, a chase started.

According to the authorities, the pursuit began on Highway 290 and traveled approximately 14 miles, or nine minutes, to the crash location at the intersection of SH-249 and Grand Parkway feeder route.

According to Diaz, the suspect turned off the highway and into the feeder road about 0.4 of a mile west of the site of the collision. While subsidiary troops in the chase were able to leave the highway, primary units were not at that moment able to do so.

Deputies arrived at the site of the incident at the intersection of SH-249 and Grand Parkway feeder road, according to Diaz, a minute or two later.

On the driver’s side, the suspect car collided with another vehicle. The car’s driver lost his life. At that point, the suspect was brought into custody. Additionally, emergency medical personnel arrived on the site.

“It’s an incredibly tragic event,” Diaz said.

According to Diaz, the culprit is 29 years old. Although the truck was reportedly reported stolen out of San Antonio, they said they are unsure of his actual origins at this time.

The suspect was transported in stable condition to a nearby hospital. He might be charged with vehicular manslaughter, resisting arrest in a motor vehicle, and using a car without authorization.

After the collision, a motorcycle was also on the road. When the crash happened, the bike was reportedly in the stolen car’s bed, according to the authorities. If the bike was also stolen is a mystery.

Neither the stolen car nor the one the suspect struck contained any further occupants.

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