Iconic Roanoke County Store to Close After 40 Years

Frances Kahn, a beloved luxury women’s clothing store in Roanoke County, will shutter its doors by the end of January, marking the end of a four-decade presence in the area.

End of an Era: Closure of a 40-Year Legacy

Operating from its Electric Road location since 1983, Frances Kahn has been a fixture in the community, offering high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories.

However, store owner Rusty Lester expressed regret about the store’s current positioning, citing its diminished foot traffic due to changes in neighboring retailers and its concealed street view owing to an interior-facing entrance.

Lester, in conversation with WDBJ7, reflected on missed opportunities, expressing a wish for a more strategic location for the store.

Despite its loyal customer base and the store’s standing as a haven for luxury fashion enthusiasts, the impending closure has left many long-time patrons saddened.

Frances Kahn is a luxury women’s clothing store on Electric Road in Roanoke County. The store has been operating in this location since 1983:

Continuing the Legacy: Shifts in Location, Preservation of History

While bidding farewell to its Roanoke location, Lester affirms that the closure does not mark the end for Frances Kahn entirely.

The store chain will maintain its presence with ongoing operations in Richmond and Virginia Beach.

A touch of history accompanies the store’s legacy: Frances Kahn, the namesake, traces back to the store owner’s maternal grandmother.

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Originally established in Danville and Lynchburg, the store eventually found its home in Roanoke County, leaving behind a substantial impact on the local fashion scene throughout its 40-year journey.

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