Strike Avoided: LA County Healthcare Workers Reach Agreement

Doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, and vets in Los Angeles almost went on strike but decided not to on December 22. They agreed to bring in outside help to sort things out.

The Union of American Physicians and Dentists, representing these workers, wasn’t happy with their benefits.

They thought their benefits weren’t as good as what other county workers get, making it hard to hire and keep medical staff.

Problems and Disputes

Their work agreement ended in September 2021 after talks that went on for a long time. The union members were very frustrated, and many voted to strike.

There weren’t enough doctors, especially in jails where many patients need help. Some places had as many as seven out of ten jobs empty

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Steps Toward a Solution: Reviewing Benefits and Costs

To find a solution, they asked experts to see how changing the benefits might affect money. While they’re figuring this out, the workers agreed to stop the strike, and the county won’t try to stop it either. The workers suggested a plan similar to what other county workers have, saying it would only make a tiny increase in the county’s budget.

Working Together: County’s Promise and Worker Struggles

The county promised to make a fair deal that’s good for the medical workers and the people who need healthcare.

Dr. Kenny Pettersen from Olive View-UCLA Medical Center talked about how medical workers get paid less and don’t have good benefits, which makes things tough.

The union also said that women doctors face more challenges because the county doesn’t offer certain benefits that private hospitals do.

Dr. Stuart A. Bussey, who leads the UAPD, said they won’t strike until February so the county can figure out the money side of changing benefits.

He said they still want a deal that helps get and keep doctors, psychiatrists, vets, and dentists.

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