Home Intruder Shot by Pinellas County Homeowner Now in Police Custody

A man who was shot by a homeowner after allegedly breaking into a residence in Pinellas County has been taken into custody by the authorities.

The incident unfolded when the homeowner, in response to the intrusion, fired at the individual.

A man was shot by a homeowner during an attempted burglary overnight at a North Reddington Beach home, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Arrest and Law Enforcement Action

Deputies arrived at the scene following reports of the break-in and shooting. Upon their arrival, the wounded intruder was taken into custody and subsequently received medical attention for their injuries.

Investigation into Homeowner’s Actions

The individual, identified as the intruder, faced arrest by law enforcement officials for the break-in incident.

The homeowner’s actions in response to the intrusion are under investigation, with authorities examining the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

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Community Safety and Ongoing Investigation

Law enforcement agencies in Pinellas County are continuing their investigation into the incident to determine the sequence of events and ensure community safety.

Further details are anticipated as the investigation progresses.

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