Suspects in LA County Robberies Taken Into Custody

Amauje Ferguson, 27, hailing from Nevada, and Charles Christopher, 24, a resident of L.A., were arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in connection to a series of armed robberies spanning various locations within Los Angeles County.

Robbery Incidents Unfold:

On December 18, at approximately 6:30 a.m., Ferguson allegedly entered a convenience store situated on the 800 block of West Rosecrans Avenue. Brandishing a firearm, he purportedly demanded cash from the store clerk.

Subsequently, on December 20, following a similar modus operandi, Ferguson reportedly conducted another robbery at a convenience store on the 500 block of West El Segundo Boulevard.

During the apprehension for the second robbery, law enforcement officers sighted Ferguson’s vehicle nearby.

Ignoring commands to stop, Ferguson led officers on a pursuit, discarding clothing and money from the car windows. These items were later confirmed to be part of the stolen cash and clothing worn during the robbery.

Two suspects were arrested for a series of armed robberies across Los Angeles County:

Arrest and Discoveries:

After a pursuit, Ferguson was successfully apprehended by officers. Investigations revealed his alleged involvement in an additional robbery on the 5000 block of Wilshire Boulevard, mere hours before his arrest.

He has been detained on charges of robbery and is presently held without bail.

Separately, Charles Christopher was accused of robbing a convenience store on the 15300 block of South Figueroa Street on December 22.

The suspect allegedly brandished a firearm, demanded money, and subsequently fled the scene.

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Christopher’s Arrest and Recovery:

Law enforcement officers located and apprehended Christopher on the 12300 block of South Willowbrook Avenue in Compton.

During his arrest, a firearm, the stolen money, and the clothing worn during the robbery were recovered. Christopher faces charges of robbery and is detained on a $100,000 bail.

Despite the similar nature of these incidents, detectives have ascertained no apparent connection between the robberies attributed to Ferguson and Christopher. The investigation into these cases continues.

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