Heartbreaking Incident: Denver Father Loses Life Saving Daughter from Car Impact

According to the Denver Police Department, a father in Denver gave his all to save his 2-year-old daughter from getting struck by an approaching vehicle by pushing her out of the way.

Just before 5:30 p.m. on December 7, police were called to a collision between a car and a pedestrian. It took place around 51st and Scranton.

Alonso Garcia, 36, is said to have been struck by a car that rushed through the crossroads.

Denver father dies protecting 2-year-old daughter from being hit by a car:

Garcia’s sister, Karla Alanis, told Fox 31 Denver that her life was saved by his split-second judgment when the incident occurred while they were out getting food.

“He decided to throw the stroller to push Liz, his daughter, out of the way before getting ran over,” Alanis stated to Fox 31. “I was the one who gave my brother CPR. So it’s hard for me to accept he’s gone.”

Garcia was treated in the hospital and discharged; but, days later, according to the police, he was discovered dead in his home.

“After his injuries, he was told to await surgery at home. Surgery was scheduled for two days afterward, but he didn’t get to make it to the surgery,” Alanis stated on GoFundMe.

Alanis continued by saying that her brother suffered many fractures to his ankle, ribs, elbow, broke ACL, and head.

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Garcia’s cause of death will be ascertained by the Medical Examiner’s office, and the police continue to investigate the case.

The driver of the car received penalties for careless driving that resulted in injury and no proof of insurance, according to officers who spoke with Fox News Digital.

Also, the family has established a GoFundMe to assist with funeral expenses.

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