Denver School Tragedy: Dad Left Paralyzed in Attempt to Stop Teen with Gun

Angelo Duran, who was thirty years old at the time, found himself in a life-threatening situation after being shot four times.

He was shot while attempting to prevent a teenager from bringing a firearm onto the grounds of a school located in the southwest part of Denver.

It was in the month of October when Duran was on his way to pick up his son from Rocky Mountain Prep Southwest, which is located close to the intersection of West Kentucky Avenue and South Federal Boulevard.

According to Duran, he witnessed the adolescent, who looked to be pursuing another kid in the vicinity of the school.

According to Duran, he behaved rashly and rushed after him without calling 911 because he was afraid that a school shooting was about to take place.

“I approached him, and I told him, ‘Hey man, like I’m not trying to hurt you. You are at my son’s school with a gun. I just can’t look the other way. I’m here to get the gun from you,’” Duran said.

Unfortunately, the teen ran away again.

“I chased him, and on a split notice, he turned around and shot me four times,” Duran said.

Young dad paralyzed after trying to stop teen with gun near Denver school:

Shooting Near a School in Denver Leaves Person Paralyzed

There is still one bullet embedded in Duran’s spine. It rendered him unable to move, and ever since then, he has been confined to hospitals. It makes him happy to be alive.

“The last thing I could think of was my family. I didn’t know how severe my injuries were. I counted the four bullets. I didn’t know if all four hit me,” Duran said.

Intensive therapy has been something that Duran has been going through. FOX31 was presented with footage uploaded by his family that showed therapists working with him and making gradual progress.

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A person has been taken into custody, according to the Denver Police Department. The Denver District Attorney’s Office has stated that they will not comment on the matter because it is active.

Duran, who is a fervent Christian, has stated that he forgives the person who shot him. For the time being, he is focusing on regaining independence and returning to his previous job.

In addition to selling aguas frescas and other items at farmer’s markets in locations such as Southwest Plaza and Cherry Creek, his family also operates a business.

In order to assist with Duran’s rising medical costs, a GoFundMe page has been established.

After a difficult struggle, he is now seeking to investigate the possibility of using stem cell therapy as a treatment.

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