Hartford Family Battle For Survival In A Fiery Two-Vehicle Accident In Germantown!

The Washington County 911 Communications Center received a 911 call at 7:11 a.m. regarding a two-vehicle traffic crash at the intersection of Pioneer Road and Mayfield Road, which is the boundary between the Village of Richfield and the Town of Polk.

The mother, 34, who made the call, said she was in an accident with another car in the City of Hartford. She was unable to pull down the windows or open the car doors after the airbags went off because of the damage. She said she and her three children, ages five, seven, and fourteen, were in the car.

The first deputy, a sheriff’s office veteran of 19 years, was close to the scene of the collision. The car’s engine compartment caught fire just as he got there.

The deputy used the squad’s fire extinguisher in an attempt to put out the fire, but it kept spreading. The deputy proceeded to smash two of the windows with a window-breaking instrument.

The mother managed to escape, and the children were freed through the rear window. During the kids’ extraction, the driver of the second vehicle also assisted. The Richfield Fire Department put out the fire after it had spread.

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The second motorist, a 50-year-old City of Hartford resident, was doing an improper U-turn on Pioneer Road while westbound in heavy traffic, according to the inquiry.

When the collision happened, the female driver was traveling east on Pioneer Road and was unable to stop for the other car in her lane of traffic. The male diver will receive a citation for making a hazardous U-turn; he was unharmed.

In the second automobile, none of the kids suffered any injuries. It’s possible that the mother’s small scratches came during the extrication. The reason the windows and doors didn’t work after the collision is being investigated by investigators.

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