Handwritten License Plate Leads to Arrest of Car Thief in Benicia

Police in Benicia saw a handmade license plate early Friday morning. It may have looked official to the person who made it, but a check showed the car had been stolen.

In the 5000 block of East Second Avenue around 1 a.m., an officer saw “this beautifully handwritten license plate on a car,” according to a police social media post.

Benicia Police Department shared a post on Facebook:

There were seven numbers and letters on the plate, but the cops didn’t think it was good enough.

Police posted a picture of the handwritten license plate that makes it look like it has an end date of 2025, but they said it is actually written for 2023.

For the most recent news, please take a look at the link provided below:

The department wrote on Facebook, “We know we are not superheroes, but just FYI this is NOT a way to get one over on us.” The car had been reported stolen from Alameda, according to a check.

It was smooth for police to stop, arrest, and book the driver, a 38-year-old woman, into the Solano County Jail.

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