Gas Prices in Florida May Soon Be the Cheapest by 2023

As Thanksgiving approaches, Floridians are thankful for one thing, gas prices have dropped. On Sunday, the average gas price in Florida was $3.04 a gallon, according to AAA.

This is 15 cents less than last week’s price and the lowest since December 2022. It’s also 37 cents cheaper than what they spent for gas on Thanksgiving last year.

‘Over half of Florida’s gas stations now sell petrol for less than $3 a gallon,’ according to Mark Jenkins of AAA – The Auto Club Group.

He also stated that, while prices may fluctuate slightly, AAA believes they will remain low during the holidays, unless the price of oil suddenly rises. The reason for the price decline, according to AAA, is that crude oil is now less expensive.

Gas costs varies depending on where you live in Florida. West Palm Beach-Boca Raton ($3.28), Naples ($3.19), and Tallahassee ($3.17) have the highest gas prices.

Meanwhile, Pensacola ($2.88), Crestview-Fort Walton Beach ($2.90), and Panama City ($2.98) are the least expensive destinations.

Florida gas prices drop to new 2023 low ahead of Thanksgiving holiday:

AAA has some tips to help save on gas:

  • Do multiple errands in one trip to drive less.
  • Check different gas stations for the best prices.
  • Pay with cash to avoid extra charges some places add for credit card payments.
  • Try to keep your car lighter by removing unnecessary things. Every 100 pounds less can improve fuel economy by 1-2%.
  • Drive calmly and steadily. Quick starts and speeding can make your car use more fuel.
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