Fourth Stimulus Check Update: No Possibility of Another Payment

As the year and Christmas are approaching, people in the US hope for another round of stimulus checks. However, the chances are meager. 

“Lisa Rowan, the consumer finance advisor at Forber Advisor, has stated that they can confidently announce that there is absolutely no chance of another payment.”

But there are a few state governments that have already distributed or are in the process of sending checks recently. However, there are no brighter chances for the Federal government to send a grant for it to them. As per Lisa Rowan’s statement, the US is almost approaching the completion of its vaccination drive, due to which the US economy is progressing to stability. That is the reason that the federal government is foreseeing the declining need for stimulus checks.


Substitutes For A Stimulus Check

An interesting fact is that the government has arranged some other policies to support the families whose bread and butter suffered due to the pandemic. They have arranged different financial support types for those who will not receive any further stimulus checks but are still facing hardship. 

As the government has already framed the policies and those are in implementation, that is the reason the ruling government is less bothered about sending another round of stimulus check payments. 

That means an unemployment bonus is there to help those who are in actual need, even if there won’t be any more stimulus checks. The government understands that there are people in the US who are facing unemployment due to this pandemic, even when the country’s economy is stable and recovered from the low hit. That is the reason they have framed policies to help them.

Suppose anyone is still facing any financial issue regarding rentals or food due to unemployment, then as per Rowan, one should contact the local COVID hotline or website directly. So that you can get the latest update about stimulus checks by your state government. However, there is still one significant tax credit stimulus check which you can expect to be in continuity. That is a child tax credit worth $3,000 to $3,500. It was recently expanded and added to the American Rescue Plan of Joe Biden.

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