Four Local Man Arrested For Human Trafficking In Bay County

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at a Panama City Beach motel on Jan. 3 reporting guests who had allegedly stayed past their check-out time.

Deputies said they discovered a child and Lavar Demetris Randall, 46, in the room. The teen reportedly informed deputies that she and Randall had s*xual relations that morning.

Randall was questioned and charged with unlawful s*xual behavior with a juvenile, according to officials, and was put into Bay County Jail.

Investigators then discovered that the adolescent had been a victim of human trafficking by a man she met on social media.

Social Media Predator Lured Teen Into Prostitution

Terrance V. Lowder III, 28, was purportedly identified as the suspect. Lowder allegedly communicated with the victim via social media platforms, enticing her to engage in prostitution.

Four Local Man Arrested For Human Trafficking In Bay County

According to deputies, Lowder phoned his accomplice, 48-year-old Jerry Thomas McCarigie, and persuaded him to participate.

McCarigie was then apparently scheduled to pick up the child from her Springfield residence on January 2. Cody Allen Taylor, 28, is suspected of driving the car with McCarigie to pick up the juvenile.

Four Suspects Face Multiple Charges

Investigators claim they made contact with Taylor, who was then charged with interfering with child custody for his role in picking up the minor.

McCarigie was charged with meth trafficking, possession of prohibited narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, and breach of a conditional release.

Lowder was apprehended and allegedly acknowledged for devising the plan to involve the girl in prostitution, as well as participating in s*xual behavior with the victim on many occasions.

He was charged with human trafficking as well as two charges of illicit s*xual behavior with a child.

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According to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation is ongoing, and additional charges may be made. The juvenile victim was placed in protective custody and was given therapy and support.

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