Logan County Humane Society Overhauls Shelter: New Era For Animal Welfare

Just this past week, pictures from the Logan County Humane Society were shared on social media showing animals living in their excrement and what looked to be neglect.

In her remarks, Julie Martin, the president of the Logan County Humane Society, hinted that not everything was as it seemed and that the organization has been trying to implement improvements since the middle of December.

“This is not a situation where people didn’t care about the dogs or what others to them,” Martin said. “It was simply a matter of understaffing, underfunding and that is being fixed.”

Martin clarified that many of the problems at the shelter were caused by disease outbreaks and the fact that it was harboring almost twice as many animals as it was designed to, even if she acknowledged that the images were authentic.

Logan County Humane Society Overhauls Shelter: New Era For Animal Welfare

“This is not a situation where dogs were intentionally being neglected or forgotten about, it was just that a perfect storm of events happened during the month of December that the county was not prepared to deal with,” she said.

“Now, they have begun to implement the plan that is bringing this shelter back to life and the Humane Society is going to be right there alongside them to make sure it happens.”

Logan County Judge Executive Phil Baker gave the shelter $2000 in emergency cash to buy the supplies needed to upgrade the existing status of the shelter, and the county is actively working with the Humane Society to ease the issue.

“We are making progress with our efforts to turn the shelter in the positive direction,” Baker said.

“We still need volunteers to help us with the amount of dogs we have in our facility. I appreciate all that have volunteered and want to be part of the solution. At this point volunteering of time is one of the most important things that we need.”

Martin stated that other shelters and volunteers have provided Logan County Humane Society with assistance and a flood of support since the posts went viral.

“We have had the best response from the community. People want to help, people in Logan love their dogs and cats,” she said.

“Muhlenberg County Animal Humane Society has been amazing. They reached out to us immediately. They brought a team of volunteers down yesterday to help clean they have been a fantastic resource for the county shelter here in Logan County.”

There are several ways the community may support the Humane Society’s efforts to improve the shelter’s circumstances.

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“If you can’t adopt, if you can’t foster, you can share. You can let people know you can come out and volunteer,” Martin said.

“You can help to socialize the animals. You can donate kitty litter. You can donate toys, treat blankets is another thing that we’re in real need of and as always, cash donations.”

To give potential adopters a more convenient location to visit and get to know the animals, Logan County Humane Society is now searching for a structure to host a temporary adoption center.

To stop another epidemic, the animals at the shelter have all received new vaccinations.

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