Tragic Incident: Clayton County Resident Killed as Tree Falls on Car

A tragic incident occurred in Clayton County when a tree fell onto a moving car, killing Herbert Lee Williams, 78.

The incident occurred along Highway 54/Fayetteville Road, near Jenni Lane, during Tuesday morning’s tumultuous weather.

Victim Identification and Heartfelt Memories

Williams, identified by the Clayton County Medical Examiner’s Office, was known for his work at Sound Decisions, a local stereo shop along Highway 138.

His son expressed that Williams, a loving and cherished individual, was likely en route to work at the time of the accident. The loss of Williams has deeply impacted those who held him dear.

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Weather Chaos Sparks Tragedy

Amidst intense storms and powerful gusts that swept through Atlanta that Tuesday, several trees fell, leading to power outages, floods, and multiple car crashes.

This incident stands as a tragic reminder of the dangers posed during severe weather conditions, causing devastation and the loss of a valued community member.

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