Multiple Property Damage Reported After Storms Hit Carteret County

Carteret County is responding to multiple reports of property damage in Harkers Island, Smyrna, and Atlantic.

The damage assessment is ongoing, with initial reports indicating downed power lines and possible structural damage.

Carteret County authorities are responding to reports of multiple property damage across Harkers Island, Smyrna, and Atlantic in Down East Carteret County:

Emergency Response Efforts Underway

Emergency teams from various departments, including Down East Fire, Otway Fire & Rescue, Marshallberg Fire, Beaufort Fire Department, and the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office, are actively working to secure the affected areas.

Their focus is on ensuring safety and managing the aftermath of the storm.

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Safety Urgency and Updates

The county authorities emphasize residents’ safety, advising those in impacted areas to stay indoors and limit travel unless absolutely necessary.

Officials are in the process of gathering more information and have committed to providing regular updates to the public as soon as new details emerge.

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