Food Truck Worker Shot After Chasing Robbers in Oakland

After he drove his car to pursue the criminals who had robbed him and his wife, a food truck worker was shot. It was Friday night in Oakland’s Fruitvale District. Tamales Mi Lupita, a food truck situated near the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and 34th Avenue, was robbed by two armed individuals.

On his show, late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain once mentioned Tamales Mi Lupita, citing it as his favorite food truck in Oakland. Just before six o’clock in the evening, according to the victims Lucila Picado and her husband, two men barged into the truck and demanded money.

I was just afraid, terrified. I just had my head down. They were pointing the guns at me at the back,” Picado said via a Spanish interpreter.

The two gunmen, according to Picado, possessed a handgun and a rifle. She said they struck her husband several times after taking the money.

KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area shared a post on Facebook:

They started getting frustrated or mad because there wasn’t enough money in there, since the owner comes often, he takes the money,” Picado added.

She added that in an attempt to get the license plate number, her husband and their 16-year-old son got into a car and followed the burglars. She added that the perpetrators fired at least 15 bullets from their moving car around 0.5 miles away from the food truck on the 3200 block of Davis Street.

Her spouse was struck in the shoulder by a bullet that went through the windshield. They were informed by Highland Hospital doctors that extracting the bullet might be riskier. That means the bullet is still in his shoulder.

When I see my husband, I’m sad because there’s an object inside him that I know is hurting him. And we can’t do nothing about it,” Picado remarked.

The recurrent burglaries and robberies on Foothill Boulevard in the Fruitvale District that target small Hispanic businesses also irritated her and her husband. Oakland police recently declared that they would strengthen the district’s traffic enforcement presence and send out foot patrols.

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From the start of the year to November 12, 3,219 robberies were reported to police across the city. According to them, robberies have increased by 35% over the same time previous year.

I get it, we’re super frustrated with everything that’s happening in the Fruitvale District. Trust me, It hurts all of us as a community,” declared Dominic Prado, a company owner in Fruitvale.

Prado urged everyone to act as credible witnesses. “It’s not worth chasing. It’s not worth fighting back because it’s not worth losing your life. The money, you can replace,” Prado remarked. East Oakland is not as safe as her native country, according to Picado.

I am shocked. Mostly because I barely have three months (in this country.) And then if I were to have the opportunity to go back to Nicaragua, I would,” Picado stated. On Sunday, Picado and her spouse resumed their jobs. Her spouse claimed to be controlling his discomfort.

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