Arlington Police Involved in Deadly Shooting of Suicidal Man

After being shot by police on Sunday morning, one victim passed away. It took place at a home in Arlington’s 2500 block of Fallcreek Street. An anonymous caller to the police “indicated his desire to commit suicide by cop.”

To try to defuse the situation, Arlington police established a perimeter around the residence and spoke with the man over the phone. The man eventually stopped speaking to the cops on the phone and started walking toward them while brandishing a gun.

Arlington Police Department shared a post on Facebook:

The man refused to lay down the firearm even after the cops told him to. The individual was hit by several officers’ service rifles firing at him.

The man was given life-saving treatments until paramedics could get there. After being taken to a nearby hospital, he passed away there.

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According to the police, two investigations are already underway: one is criminal and will examine the entire occurrence; the other is administrative and will look into whether department policies were followed.

When an officer discharges their service weapon, this is what happens every time. Officers were not hurt.

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