Lake Forest Police Arrest Accused Drunk Driver after Truck Crashes into Traffic Signal Box

After a truck crashed into a traffic signal and control box, leaving a popular Lake Forest crossroads without functioning traffic lights, an accused drunk driver was taken into custody.

Around 2:23 a.m. on Sunday, the Lake Forest Fire Department and Police Department responded to a single-vehicle incident at Route 41 and Route 60.

Upon arrival, first responders discovered a black 2021 Ford Ranger pickup truck with significant front-end damage off the road, as stated by Lake Forest Deputy Police Chief Kevin Zelk.

An alleged drunk driver was arrested after a truck slammed into a traffic light and control box:

The Lake Forest Fire Department evaluated both residents, but they declined medical attention. According to Zelk, an investigation revealed that the Ford, being driven by Analisa Sada, 21, of Hammond, Indiana, was heading south on Route 41 as it approached Route 60.

After pulling off the road, the Ford collided with an IDOT traffic signal control box and a traffic light pole. In the wooded region between Route 41 and Ridge Road, the Ford stopped.

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Zelk claimed that after noticing Sada’s impairment, the police took her into custody. She was accused of two charges of drunk driving, illegally possessing cannabis in a car, attempting to possess a prohibited substance and other traffic infractions.

According to Zelk, the collision wrecked the IDOT control box, leaving the crossroads without functional traffic lights. To help with traffic control, the Lake Forest Police Department asked several neighbouring police departments for aid.

Police will monitor and divert traffic on Route 41, a major county thoroughfare until IDOT and Meade Electric restore service. Sunday morning saw the arrival of maintenance personnel, and it is anticipated that the traffic signal control box will be changed.

“We’re hopeful the signals will be fully operational before Monday’s morning rush hour,” Zelk said.

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