Fatal Incident: State Police Investigate Franklin County Crash

Virginia State Police report that an inquiry is in progress in relation to a fatal collision that occurred in Franklin County.

Shortly after five in the morning, state troopers were dispatched to the area on northbound Route 220 at Aviator’s Circle and Goose Dam Rd.

Authorities claimed that an SUV and a tractor-trailer were involved in the two-vehicle collision. The VSP has confirmed that the driver of the SUV was killed in the crash. However, because of the car fire, they were unable to provide an accurate victim’s identification time.

The mail truck tractor-trailer was allegedly unlawfully parked on the right shoulder of the road when the driver of the SUV collided with it, resulting in the total burning of both vehicles.

According to the authorities, the car could have securely parked at a petrol station, which is less than a third of a mile from the scene of the event.

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Authorities stated the mail truck was probably from Greensboro, and the driver wasn’t familiar with the area, despite the fact that no information about the truck driver is currently available. According to the authorities, the truck driver was unharmed.

According to state troopers, workers had to use a crane to rip apart the truck’s side. The road is finally usable.

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