Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp All Go Down Globally

Facebook, and two of its applications WhatsApp, and Instagram, are down in many countries, with reports that neither web nor smartphone versions are working. This appears to be the case across Android, iOS, and online platforms.

On October 4, the WhatsApp DownDetector registered a rapid rise in the number of instances of WhatsApp not working for customers all over the world.

The same can be said for Instagram & Facebook, other Facebook-owned popular social media platforms.

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According to reports, users whose services were disrupted began at around 11:45 am EST on Monday, October 4.

The servers continue to remain down at the time of writing this article and Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are currently inaccessible from users all around the web.

With this outage, users are unable to send messages, check status, refresh their feed.

Are you facing similar problems with these 3 apps in your area?

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