Escambia County’s Child Welfare Ranking: Commissioner Calls for Urgent Support

According to a recent Florida Policy Institute report, Escambia County, Florida, ranked among the lowest in the state for child well-being.

The county is ranked 56th out of 67 counties in the survey, based on factors such as child care investment and expenses, highlighting a worrying trend.

Escambia County's Child Welfare Ranking Commissioner Calls for Urgent Support
Escambia County’s Child Welfare Ranking Commissioner Calls for Urgent Support

Commissioner’s Concern

Commissioner Lumon May expressed disappointment with the county’s position, highlighting the critical need for more investment in children’s wellbeing.

He emphasized that these rankings highlight the need for more efforts to support and improve the youth in Escambia County.

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Community Needs More Support

Stacey Kostewacki of Gulf Coast Kids House highlighted the financial stress faced by families due to the lack of child care centers and high child care costs averaging $9,000 per year.

Commissioner May underlined the need for collaborative action, urging cross-community sectors to collaborate, address gaps in child welfare and increase resources for the well-being of children, particularly in marginalized areas.

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