Emergency Alert: Evacuation Warnings in Ventura County Over Flooding Threat

Authorities in Ventura County issued evacuation alerts and advisories on Tuesday, asking people to make preparations in the event that flooding occurs during the oncoming storm.

It is anticipated that the intense part of the storm, which will be the second one of this week, will strike the county on Wednesday afternoon and continue until Thursday early.

An alert for flooding has been issued by the National Weather Service, and it is possible that rainfall totals in coastal and valley areas could reach between two and four inches through Friday.

The Ventura County Fire Department is gearing up for the upcoming winter rainstorms!

Rainfall of between four and eight inches is possible in certain mountain and foothill areas.

Warnings to evacuate have been issued by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services to residents of the following neighborhoods.

Warnings are scheduled to go into force at nine o’clock on Wednesday morning.

  • People who live in the Foster Park area, which is located close to Camp Chaffee Road. In the course of the storms that hit the county during the winter of 2017, debris accumulated along a section of Coyote Creek that is located close to Camp Chaffee.
  • Near Camarillo, there are a number of residences located in the vicinity of the 700 block of Grada and Trueno avenues. The storm drain in question has been compromised, which is the root of the problem.

When people are given a warning, it indicates that they should get ready to depart, but the threat is not yet immediate.

These news are making headlines:

Patrick Maynard, the director of the Office of Emergency Services, stated that the organization advises residents to pay particular attention to the likelihood of situations swiftly altering.

“We recommend that they prepare to evacuate the area on a moment’s notice,” stated the official. “Anyone with any type of access or functional needs is also highly encouraged to reach out to family and friends and make plans to get out ahead of the storm.”

In addition, people of Matilija Canyon, North Fork, Creek Road, and Old Creek Road were given a warning since there is a risk that flooding might occur during any rainfall that is of a high intensity.

It was also encouraged by the authorities that everyone who was in the river bottoms should move to higher ground.

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