Denver to Experience Record-Low Temperatures

The weather in Colorado is about to get seriously cold as temperatures will drop well below zero in the coming days.

Extreme cold winds, which can make outdoor activities difficult.

Denver’s -19° Chill to Last 90 Hours!

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Boulder says that from Saturday morning on, the wind chill factor in Denver will drop to a bone-chilling -19°.

You should get ready, because this cold weather will last for 90 hours and reach at least -20° by Monday morning.

Denver to Experience Record-Low Temperatures
Denver to Experience Record-Low Temperatures

Weekend Forecast

Expect temperatures in the single digits and near zero in Denver over the weekend and into Monday. Temperatures are expected to rise into the mid 20s to low 30s on Tuesday.

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Denver’s Chilly Past and Present

Although this prolonged cold weather and extreme cold winds are unusual, occurring only one to three times each year, the NWS reminds us that Denver has experienced cold temperatures in the past.

Stay indoors when necessary, and keep an eye on local weather updates as Colorado goes through a bitter cold snap.

Denver has seen some seriously cold temperatures throughout its history. Here’s a simplified look at when the temperatures dropped well below zero degrees:

Temperature (°F)Date
29January 9, 1875
-25December 22, 1990
-25January 12, 1963
-25January 11, 1963
-25February 1, 1951
-25February 8, 1936
-25December 24, 1876
-24December 22, 2022
-24February 5, 1989
-24January 10, 1962
-24January 9, 1962
-24January 31, 1951
-22February 6, 1899
-22February 4, 1883
-22January 28, 1872
-21December 21, 1990
-21December 21, 1983
-21January 6, 1913
-21February 12, 1905
-20January 17, 1930
-20December 9, 1919
-20January 26,1902
-20February 12, 1899
-20February 11, 1899
-20December 9, 1898
-20January 15, 1888
-20January 19, 1883
-20February 15, 1881
-20January 13, 1875
-20January 25, 1872

These historical freezing moments show that Denver has experienced extremely cold weather in the past. Keep yourself warm, stay safe, and make sure to layer up as the city gets ready for more chilly temperatures

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