Denver Registers Coldest Below-Zero Temps on Saturday

Denver experienced an unexpected cold awakening on Saturday morning, as temperatures dropped to a staggering  minus 12 degrees, exceeding original estimates.

An arctic blast hit the city overnight, catching many residents off guard.

Minus 12 degrees recorded in Denver early Saturday morning as arctic blast sweeps through Colorado:

Monday Night Forecast

The National Weather Service’s Jim Kalina in Boulder predicts much cooler temperatures on Monday night.

The possibility of clearing sky might result in further drop, with temperatures hitting a bone-chilling 20 below zero.

This cold weather is expected to last until Tuesday morning.

Weekend Weather Snapshot

The cold storm hit Denver between 7 and 8 p.m. on Friday, causing temperatures to drop by up to 25 degrees.

Weekend highs are anticipated to stay in the single digits, with evening lows dropping into the negatives. Wind chills may increase, making it feel as cold as -20 or -30 degrees.

Denver’s Overnight Snowfall

The metro area received a light covering of snow overnight as the arctic blast dropped in.

Any extra snowfall during this cold spell, however, is expected to be limited, with Denver possibly seeing no more than an inch.

Denver Registers Coldest Below-Zero Temps on Saturday
Denver Registers Coldest Below-Zero Temps on Saturday

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Mountain Snowfall and Hazards

Mountain regions witnessed heavy snowfall from Friday into early Saturday.

Following a slowdown on Saturday, a new system is projected to bring an additional two to four feet of snow overnight.

Hazards such as blowing snow and whiteout conditions may persist in the mountains through Monday.

Warmer Days Ahead

Despite the extreme cold, analysts predict that arctic conditions are expected to improve by Tuesday.

A minor warming trend is forecast, with a high of 32 degrees expected on that day.

Residents are asked to remain attentive and take the necessary precautions as they navigate this unexpected and historic cold spell.

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