Burst Pipes, Flooding in Chicago Due to Extreme Cold

SPRING BREAK IN CHICAGO (CBS) — The recent extreme cold has wreaked havoc on infrastructure throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

On Monday evening, we saw a crew from the Water Management Department repairing a broken water main in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood near Midway International Airport. This area is located at 56th Street and Central Avenue.

The situation for businesses could have been better. A pipe burst and sprayed water from the ceiling, flooding the T-Mobile store at 51st Street and Pulaski Road in the Archer Heights neighborhood.

We were told by the repair company that there was once over a foot of water on the ground inside the shop.

The historic Delaware Building on the corner of Dearborn and Randolph streets in downtown Chicago witnessed a similar scene on Monday afternoon. When a pipe burst, water gushed out and down the walls from the fourth floor to the first.

One of the oldest structures in the city, the Delaware Building, went up just three years after the Great Chicago Fire. According to experts, there is a need for immediate action if this occurs in your home.

According to Giovanni Roman-Rodriguez of 2nd City Restoration, “we’ve got to clean up or tear up whatever needs to be torn up and dry it as soon as possible before getting any mold.”

Mike Garritano of ABC Plumbing advised that once the situation was under control and the water was cleaned up, the drywall that had absorbed the moisture should be removed. In the event of a burst pipe, it is crucial that you know how to turn off the main water supply to your home.

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