Illinois State Senator Melinda Bush is Resigning on Saturday

Earlier today, it was announced by Democrats in the Illinois State Senate that Melinda Bush would be leaving this coming Saturday.

The suburban state senator reportedly submitted her resignation letter on Monday, December 31, 2022. The vacancy has to be filled within 30 days, and the law specifies that the next representative has to be a Democrat. After the new legislature is sworn in on January 11, 2023, her successor will complete the remainder of her tenure.

The Senate will be in session and holding votes for several days in early January

Her replacement will be appointed on January 2 at that time. The Lake County Democratic Chair Lauren Beth Gash, Warren Township Democratic Chair Jim Neel, and Lake Villa Township Democratic Chair Kasia Kondracki will make the appointment for Bush.

To vote, you must be a registered Democrat and a resident of the district for at least two years. Please submit your résumé and a brief cover letter outlining your skills and experience to [email protected] by Monday, January 2 at 10 a.m.


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