Breaking News: Shooting Reported at Dekalb County Gas Station

DeKalb County police responded to a shooting incident at the QuikTrip on 2776 Panola Road in Lithonia. Reports indicate a man, identified as a trespasser, fired a shot at an individual within the gas station premises.

In self-defense, the targeted person retaliated, injuring the initial shooter. The injured man was swiftly transported to the hospital, with his injuries assessed as non-life-threatening.

Shooting reported at DeKalb County gas station, police say:

Authorities clarified that the trespasser responsible for the initial gunfire would be charged with aggravated assault. However, they asserted that no charges were expected against the individual who acted in self-defense.

This marks the second shooting incident within a span of six months at this gas station. The prior occurrence, reported in August, stemmed from a dispute between two men.

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The DeKalb County police are conducting a thorough investigation into the recent shooting, aiming to understand the circumstances that led to this altercation at the gas station in Lithonia.

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