Stolen Car Suspect Shoots Officer at Gas Station in Chicago Suburb

Following an officer’s shooting Sunday morning at a gas station, Bedford Park police are conducting an investigation. Authorities said that at approximately 3:40 a.m., they were called to the 6700 block of South Archer Avenue in reference to a car crash.

When police arrived, they found a stolen grey BMW that had collided with a dumpster. The car was reported stolen during a Chicago carjacking. On surveillance footage, two males were seen sprinting into a forested area behind the Speedway gas station in the vicinity.

A short while later, officers observed two suspects at the gas station in the 6800 block of South Archer Avenue emerge from a grassy area and enter a car.

Police officer was shot at a gas station in a Chicago suburb:

When police arrived to conduct an investigation, they were told that a guy had begun fighting with an officer and that the suspect had drawn a gun during the altercation, shooting the officer several times.

Despite being fired upon and one cop being shot, there has been no proof that the officers retaliated. The injured cop was sent to a nearby hospital for medical attention. Authorities stated that his health has stabilized.

“I heard he’s fine. He had surgery,” said Maureen Votteler, who oversees the Southern Belles Restaurant & Pancake House, located across the street from the cafe, stating that her husband had surgery.

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According to Votteler, Sunday morning chatter at the diner was about the shooting. “It was sad to see all the police officers here and the yellow tapes. So you knew someone got hurt. Something bad happened,” she stated.

I know all of these guys very well. I’ve been here 40 years. Good guys. … I was sick, I was sick.” Officers were able to react so fast because the Bedford Park police station is located directly across the street from the gas station.

That was dumb. So hopefully no one will come around this part of town anymore,” Votteler remarked. “People need to go out and get a job. Just don’t take from other people.”

They apprehended and detained two individuals. At the scene, two firearms were found. An investigation into the event is still underway.

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