Boy Paralyzed in Highland Park Shooting Goes Home from Hospital, Reunites with His Twin Brother

After a little over two months of hospitals and therapy, a paraplegic 8-year-old kid was finally allowed to return home after the fatal Highland Park shooting.

Cooper coming home has left Jason and Keely Roberts “utterly speechless,” meaning they can’t say what they’re feeling.

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“There was a moment, not so long ago, when we were frantically and furiously praying for Cooper’s survival,” the Roberts said in a statement released Thursday.


It is a tremendous gift that Cooper may now return home and that our family can be reunited.

Cooper Roberts, age 8, poses beside his brother Luke, parents Jason and Keely Roberts, and former NFL player Ryan Shazier.

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Cooper intends to return to Braeside Elementary School in Highland Park, Illinois, where he and his twin brother Luke will enjoy third grade together.


Cooper Roberts, 8, who was rendered paraplegic in the Highland Park, Illinois, shootings on July 4, 2022, poses with his twin brother Luke.

Cooper was at the Fourth of July parade in his hometown when a gunman opened fire on the participants and bystanders.

Robert “Bobby” Crimo III is accused of climbing onto the top of a building. He was also accused of using a high-powered weapon to murder at least seven people and wound at least 38 others.

His mother, who was hit in two sections of her leg, issued a statement this summer. 
The Roberts family said that they are happy to have Cooper back home.

But it is hard to get used to having to “find, fix up, or build” a new house that works for someone in a wheelchair.

Cooper Roberts, 8, is recovering at home after being rendered paraplegic in the July 4, 2022, shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

However, they said that they were concentrating on the positive. Cooper, who has always cherished athletics, has discovered wheelchair tennis.

According to a statement released by the Roberts family, Cooper is alive and at home, and our adorable and athletic youngster has decided to find new ways to play sports. “Cooper will undoubtedly be amazing at tennis… and whatever other sport he chooses to play. It will just be distinct.”

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