Los Angeles Firefighters Recover Dog Called Scooby After He Was Lost in the River for Over Two Hours

On Monday afternoon, firefighters in Studio City, California, rescued a dog from the Los Angeles River.

Multiple attempts by Los Angeles Fire Department crews were successful in saving German shepherd mix Scooby, according to KTTV.



Firefighters rescued both the dog’s owner and another man who tried to save Scooby during the event, according to the news outlet.

When the dog’s owner released the rescue ring, rescuers tried to utilize a rope system to carry Scooby to safety. According to KTTV, the firefighters tried to save the dog using a helicopter but were unsuccessful.

Following this, an onlooker jumped into the river, where he managed to hang on to Scooby for around 15 minutes before the dog broke free and was rescued by the river’s current.

Los Angeles Fire Department Captain II Erik Scott remarked in a press conference following the rescue that “the poor canine was very exhausted, very fearful, and the more people were around, the more scared he was, and he did bite that well-intentioned 28-year-old male that was attempting to help him.”

Scott issued a public service announcement warning people to stay away from rescue operations.

In addition to other individuals being concerned about that canine, we know the individual had good intentions. You better believe we are as well,” he stated. As a result of this, citizens who attempt to rescue others without the right protective gear and training often become victims themselves.”

“As much as we appreciate the love that many individuals have for their furry friends, the fire department will always put people first if they’re in danger. Human safety must always come first “Armando Navarrete, a police officer, remarked.

According to KNBC, Scooby was in a state of stress and hypothermia after the rescue.

Rescuers took Scooby to the East Valley Animal Shelter, where he was examined by veterinarians after a long and exhausting journey. Officials from LA Animal Services told KTTV that the dog had only minor skin abrasions on his paws as a result of the incident.

According to the publication, Scooby was reunited with his family on Monday night.

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