Appalachian Power on High Alert for Winter Storm

As forecasts predict an incoming winter storm, Appalachian Power stands on high alert, anticipating potential power disruptions across the region.

George Porter, spokesperson for Appalachian Power, highlighted the company’s vigilance, stating, “We’re closely monitoring the weather forecasts, expecting snow, rain, and ice. This alerts us to the possibility of power outages.”

With a winter storm in the forecast, Appalachian Power is on high alert for the possibility of power outages across the region:

 Appalachian Power Prepares for Outages

In response to the approaching threat, Appalachian Power has proactively sought assistance from neighboring utility companies to prepare for significant outages.

Throughout the weekend, all corporate staff and partners have been placed on standby.

Porter also stated, “We’ve informed our crews to be prepared for weekend work and reached out to neighboring utility companies for mutual assistance if outages occur.”

Appalachian Power on High Alert for Winter Storm
Appalachian Power on High Alert for Winter Storm

Challenges Faced During Restoration

Appalachian Power will begin restoration efforts as soon as conditions allow.

According to Porter, “Wet snow or ice can cling to infrastructure and wires, causing damage and hindering our ability to access affected areas.” To minimize damage, the organization is hoping for lighter, drier snow.

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Guidance for Residents

Appalachian Power encourages residents to avoid fallen power wires and turn off major appliances during outages to reduce dangers. They encourage using the AEP app to report problems as soon as possible.

Porter advised “Many people underestimate the impact until they’re without power. It’s crucial to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.”

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