A Proposal for New Bill -NYC Workers Can’t Be Fired Without ‘Just Cause’

Workers in New York City may soon no longer be terminated at will. This week, a new law was proposed in the City Council that would make it illegal for employers to fire employees without “good cause.”

Council Member Tiffany Cabán sponsored legislation to safeguard workers from unfair and arbitrary terminations of employment titled the Secure Jobs Act. They ruin families,” she wrote on Twitter, referring to the effects of abortions performed incorrectly. “In short, they cause social upheaval. This bill puts an end to the practice.”

It is incumbent upon the employer to provide evidence of just cause to terminate an employee’s employment. The rule is complementary to one passed by Brad Lander, a former Council member and current city Comptroller, which safeguards fast food workers from unfair termination.

In a tweet expressing support for Cabán’s bill, Lander described the success of the fast food regulation

He concluded that “the sky did not fall.” “The businesses in the food service industry did not close. Workers’ rights are more robust for companies like Chipotle, Starbucks, and others.”

However, as pointed out by several onlookers, Lander has recently been accused of not walking the walk: two employees in the comptroller’s office were abruptly sacked without cause and notice, as reported by Daily News columnist Harry Siegel.

To terminate an employee, businesses would have to give 14 days’ notice and offer a written explanation under Cabán’s proposal. It would also be required of companies planning layoffs that they show financial hardship.

source: patch.com

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