A plan for Reparations in California might result in $223k per Black inhabitant.

Governor Gavin Newsom has advocated for the reparations program, which addresses what
the state of California refers to as the “housing wealth divide.” On ‘Fox & Friends Weekend,’ California chef and restaurant owner Andrew Gruel comments on the Los Angeles Health Director’s warning that an indoor mask requirement might return to L.A. County.

The Reparations Task Force of Governor Gavin Newsom received estimations from a
consulting panel indicating that California may need to pay over $200,000 per person to
Black citizens to fulfill its pledges of reparations for historical housing discrimination.
Newsom has vigorously advocated for his idea to pay financial reparations to Black
Californians, who, according to him, must be rewarded monetarily for decades of

The five-member economic consultant team of the California Reparations Task Force stated
that under the proposal, eligible Black people in the state might qualify for $223,200 per
person. The consultant team for the task force estimated the approximate amount of money lost between 1933 and 1977 by evaluating housing disparities and guessing the amount of wealth lost during that time. According to the state commission, Black Californians lost $5,074 annually due to past housing rules.

“The $559 billion amount is based on a scope of work document submitted to the California
Reparations Task Force by its five-member economic consultant team at our September
public hearing in Los Angeles,” the California Reparations Task Force confirmed to Fox
News Digital in a statement.

The group added, “According to the economic consultant team, the $559 billion figure represents the State of California’s’ maximum liability’ for de jure homeownership discrimination ‘if all 2,550,459 Black California residents who lived in the state in 2021 were descendants of the enslaved in the United States and spent the entire period from 1933 to 1977 in California (or were the legal heirs of someone who did)’.” Utilizing legislation signed in 2020, Newsom established the task force, which voted in March to restrict potential reparations to descendants of free or enslaved Black people living in the United States at the end of the 19th century, as opposed to all Black people, as many reparations advocates have advocated.

The group’s 500-page report is the first government-commissioned assessment on damages to the Black community since the Kerner Commission report, commissioned by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968, said task force chair, Kamilah Moore.

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