21 Individuals Charged with Robbing DuPage County Businesses, Including Nordstrom and Nike

According to DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin, 21 people have been charged in a recent increase of criminal activity for stealing from businesses in DuPage County since the beginning of the year.

The crimes involve thefts from well-known companies, like Nordstrom and Nike, raising concerns about the impact on local businesses and the community.

Diverse Incidents, Common Charges:

The accused come from a variety of areas and backgrounds, and they are all facing charges for theft from various stores.

The allegations show retail theft’s widespread impact on DuPage County companies.

21 people charged with stealing from DuPage County businesses, including Nordstrom and Nike, since Jan. 1:

Notable Incidents and Accusations:

Several examples stand out, including Jorge Gimenez-Sanchez’s claimed theft from Oak Brook Nordstrom and Saidbek Shukhratov’s claims of stealing from Oak Brook Macy’s.

Each case has unique circumstances, underlining the charges’ complexity.

Community Reaction and State’s Attorney Message:

Residents and businesses in DuPage County have responded to the events, expressing concern about the impact of theft on the community.

State’s Attorney Robert Berlin underlines the myth that retail theft is a victimless crime, highlighting the broader impact it has on the community.

He said that everyone who steals in DuPage County will be arrested, charged, and prosecuted.

Call to Action and Community Discussion:

As the community grapples with the implications of these thefts, there is a call for discussion on how to tackle retail theft collectively.

The public is encouraged to share thoughts and ideas in the comments section, fostering a community-wide conversation on protecting local businesses and ensuring the safety of patrons.

Read some of the latest headlines below:


The recent increase in retail theft in DuPage County demonstrates the importance of community awareness and action.

As charges are pursued against the accused, the community is encouraged to engage in a discourse about how to increase retail theft prevention methods, ensuring the continued safety and success of local businesses.

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