2-Year-Old Virginia Girl Accidentally Shoots Herself, Dies

On Tuesday afternoon, a young girl of two years old from Hampton, Virginia, tragically took her own life by shooting herself.

The city’s police department received a call reporting the gunshot that occurred near the 500 Block of Marcella Road at approximately 1:05 p.m., according to a press statement issued by the police department on Tuesday.

According to the announcement, when the officers from the police department arrived at the site, they discovered the victim suffering from a single gunshot wound.

2-Year-Old Girl Dead After Accidentally Shooting Herself:

After that, she was taken to a local hospital, but was unable to recover from her injuries and passed away there.

After conducting a preliminary investigation, the authorities revealed that the two-year-old girl was inside a residence when she came across a loaded pistol and inadvertently shot herself with it, as stated in the release.

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There have been no new developments in the probe as of Wednesday afternoon until now.

The authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the girl’s death; however, no other information was revealed.

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